Inspired by charm our décor is a ‘Vintage Affair’ with teapots and cup hanging chandeliers. Have you ever wished walls could ‘talk’.. now they do come in and read some of our favorite quotes. Our menu ranges from light breakfasts and lunches that you can enjoy all day long, topping it all off with a little indulgence our home made cakes and desserts are not to be missed.

We have you covered with all your calendar special celebration events, We can bake and you can eat your cake, decorated to your hearts desire beautifully on the outside to even a surprise if you’d like when you cut into it. Skip kitchen duty and washing up, bring your celebrations to us, maximum area available for 30 guests we even have friends as neighbors where by you can extend your party celebrations.
Evie Story:
A little bit of me……..
I started my career journey in Hospitality, with a blank page in front of me, in the 23 years I spent in the industry through my highest ‘highs’ to my lowest ‘lows’ always along my side were my dreams.

What I have learnt is that ‘Hospitality’ is a creation and offering of space where by guests arrive as strangers, we then create that “wow” factorittle finishing touches, our guests leave as friends and return as family.

Having proudly achieved all my dreams & goals with the hotels I managed. A new journey was imminent, one Saturday afternoon watching the sunset with my ‘Dearest long life Friend Sonja’, we decided to venture in opening our own personal touch of ‘free space’ where our guests experience would be ‘savoir-faire’. Cup & Cake was born.

“Eating, and hospitality in general, is a communion, and any meal worth attending by yourself or with others is worth it all with whom it is shared.” We want to share this with you, and become a family

Sonja story:

Since I can remember cooking and baking was in my blood. Both my grannies were excellent bakers and I learned so much from them and of cause from my mother which is a great cook. I can remember when I was little my grannies homes were always filled with the smell of biscuits. The best part of my holidays was baking with them.

When I left school there was no doubt in my mind I wanted to become a chef, but in the same instance my love for serving people was just as high. My after school studies I did at The International Hotel School. After completing my studies my love for serving people took over my love for food and stranded my career in the hotel industry this is where my and Evie's path started to cross without us even knowing it.

Evie worked at the hotel I started my career, but left for another hotel before I arrived so we never got to meet each other then (this was in 2000). We only got to meet each other in 2003 when I became her Assistant Manager. Under her management I really grew a lot and come into my own. In the period with Evie I also found the love of my life, and got engaged - the problem however was that I was in Johannesburg and he in Cape Town. So August 2005 I moved to Cape Town and had to leave my dear friend Evie behind to start my new life. Being very good friends we stayed in touch going through all our life's highs and lows.

In Cape Town I still worked in the hotel industry and was Operations Manger from 2005 - 2012. In September 2012 I decided it was time to hang up my mangers jacket and put on my chef's hat and that is when Sonskyn's Little Bakery was born. Providing our clients (which to this day I call guests.....hahahaha) with mouth watering lovely looking cakes, cupcakes, platters and a variety of delicious homemade goodies.

In 2015 the two of us were reunited. Evie moved down to Cape Town from Johannesburg now also hanging up her Hotel Manger jacket and putting on the apron where we are now starting a new chapter in our lifes or maybe I should rather say a new book called: Cup & Cake